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Thursday, December 20, 2012

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation:

  In this 3D Studio Max project I have created an imaginative
cartoon style animation depicting a room inside of an alien space
station. This is part of a much larger project currently under
construction. The scene follows along with the camera as it spirals
around the central power supply pillar of the room. There are lots of
separate animation elements such as large gears, hover platforms
using tractor beams to move crates around. There will be other
animations to come showing different aspects inside the room because
there are so many different areas and details that one pass is not
enough to capture everything that is going on.

  All of the textures are U.V.W mapped with added normal’s maps.
There are special effects plasma clouds created using the Afterburn
Plug-in for 3D Studio Max. I used the Final Render plug-in for the
Shaders and material effects. Post production work done in Adobe
After Effects. Frame rate is N.T.S.C 29.97.

Thank you for reading and watching. Feel free to connect with me via
the links below.

Sincerely: Jamie Noe