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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Symbiote B "Space Blobs Attack !!"

"Symbiote B". The first "evolution" is "Space Blobs Attack". These new images
include test renders 49, 50, 51.
                                                                                                    (test render 49)

The first shows the addition of the unique door locks that are positioned in the center of a locked door. The console, buttons and door light will also reflect a variety of different kinds of locks that will require Symbiote to use special abilities and techniques or perform tasks and open the doors allowing him access to deeper sections of the space station. When a door or barrier is successfully unlocked, the lock itself will rotate and then display green for the lock, console and buttons. Test render 49 is an example of a Red Lock.

                                                                                                    (test render 50)

As you travel through the station you will notice a huge host of alien symbols, glyph's and writings. Some of these are just for the design, but others will help Symbiote on his journey. There will be a large amount of alien text signs located all over the place, and as Symbiote acquires glyphs containing letters he will be able to 
translate the glyphs to reveal the information they hold. Test render 50 is an example of Glyphs, Alien Word Signs and our catchy logo positioned in the game itself.

                                                          (test render 51)

The space station is over-run with all sorts of alien creatures and infestations. Symbiote will be doing a lot of fighting along the way as he travels deeper inside. It is a good thing that Symbiote will be able to add new weapons to his arsenal along the way. The invading creatures can be pretty unfriendly. In Test render 51 we see two big blobs wandering around one of the storage areas.

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