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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Symbiote B added special effects

                                                               (Symbiote B test render 77w)

  Symbiote B test render 77w focuses on the addition of Octane exhaust fumes created using the AfterBurn plugin for 3D Studio Max.

                                                           (Symbiote B test render 78w)

  Symbiote B test render 78w contains all of the final additions including the completion of the "Storage Room" scene. All of the texturing and additionally the final refined application of Final Render Final Toon material types. Final Render & Final Toon are plugins for 3D Studio Max.

                                                           (Symbiote B test render 79w)

  Symbiote B test render 79w Shows a close up of Symbiote B as he moves through the "Storage Room." The still image is number 500 in the 1000 image sequence. The back left side shows one of the scenes many animated special effects, an animated series of plasma clouds. While Symbiote B's little U.F.O ship is propelled forward by the Octane jets shown in test render 77w, the anti-gravity that holds his ship in the air uses a series of animated electric bolts that fire from the base of his ship to the ground.

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