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Thursday, December 20, 2012

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation

S.B Alien Cargo Hold animation:

  In this 3D Studio Max project I have created an imaginative
cartoon style animation depicting a room inside of an alien space
station. This is part of a much larger project currently under
construction. The scene follows along with the camera as it spirals
around the central power supply pillar of the room. There are lots of
separate animation elements such as large gears, hover platforms
using tractor beams to move crates around. There will be other
animations to come showing different aspects inside the room because
there are so many different areas and details that one pass is not
enough to capture everything that is going on.

  All of the textures are U.V.W mapped with added normal’s maps.
There are special effects plasma clouds created using the Afterburn
Plug-in for 3D Studio Max. I used the Final Render plug-in for the
Shaders and material effects. Post production work done in Adobe
After Effects. Frame rate is N.T.S.C 29.97.

Thank you for reading and watching. Feel free to connect with me via
the links below.

Sincerely: Jamie Noe





Tuesday, November 20, 2012

W.H.D 2013 Animated Logo (final)

This is the final version of the Wicked Horizon Designs 2013 animation. Created in
3D Studio Max for the up-comming WickedHorizonDesigns.com website. The logo and
effects of the scene have a nice shift from red to green with some added lens
effects using Video Post. The logo spins from its central pivot point in opposite
directions. This version includs the leters W,H & D which is stationary inside the
logo spin. I used a high reflective gloss material type for the glowing effect
material I.D's. The scene maps are all U.V.W with added bump maps for depth. The
final version has been rendered using the Cebas Final Render plugin to render out
the PNG frames. I compiled the frames using Adobe After Effects and adjusted the
frame rate from film rate which is 24 fps to N.T.S.C 29.97 fps.






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Seals of Creation (book 1) Awakening

(paper back version)



(Kindle e-book version link below)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Seals of Creation book 1 Awakening" now available

The first book in the "Seals of Creation" series "book 1 Awakening" is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle e-book at the following links.

Twenty year cycles ago the Galactic Unity was ripped apart. Since then the Betrayers h

ave blazed a fiery path of destruction across the galaxy. Based on the need to survive; the remaining free worlds have banded together to form a makeshift alliance called the United Galactic Force. Tetra Prime has become the official capital for the U.G.F. The new capital is far from perfect grappling with its own international struggles. In the midst of the greater Betrayer War, Quest, a cadet fresh out of training finds he is destined to play a pivotal role in the preservation of all life and creation itself.
By: Jamie Noe 2012

(paper back version)



(Kindle e-book version link below)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wicked Horizon Designs 4th animated logo draft

The animated background I created using 3D Studio Max for the up-coming WickedHorizonDesigns web site, its the 4th draft and includes a nice shift in the colors over the course of the animation. I also animated the inner part of the logo spinning in the opposite direction from the outer part. I made these changes at the
suggestion of another animator Patrick Stuart in my network on Linkedin, they were very useful suggestions
that have helped to enrich my logo animation. This is the raw file without post-production work or any
additional features.






Tuesday, October 23, 2012

W.H.D 2013 animation

  The animated background I created using 3D Studio Max for the up-coming WickedHorizonDesigns web site. This is the raw file without post-production work or any additional features.

  Stop by and watch the brief animation on my YouTube page

WHD 2013 site logo animation

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Robotech the Shadow Chronicles creation process

Robotech Convention, How traditional cell animation was combined with 3D animation to create Robotech the Shadow Chronicles.

Original post can be found at, it was filmed by a fan.


Robotech the Shadow Chronicles is the property of Harmony Gold U.S.A 2005.

A good site for Robotech enthusiasts is Robotech.com

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Symbiote B added special effects

                                                               (Symbiote B test render 77w)

  Symbiote B test render 77w focuses on the addition of Octane exhaust fumes created using the AfterBurn plugin for 3D Studio Max.

                                                           (Symbiote B test render 78w)

  Symbiote B test render 78w contains all of the final additions including the completion of the "Storage Room" scene. All of the texturing and additionally the final refined application of Final Render Final Toon material types. Final Render & Final Toon are plugins for 3D Studio Max.

                                                           (Symbiote B test render 79w)

  Symbiote B test render 79w Shows a close up of Symbiote B as he moves through the "Storage Room." The still image is number 500 in the 1000 image sequence. The back left side shows one of the scenes many animated special effects, an animated series of plasma clouds. While Symbiote B's little U.F.O ship is propelled forward by the Octane jets shown in test render 77w, the anti-gravity that holds his ship in the air uses a series of animated electric bolts that fire from the base of his ship to the ground.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blog related problem.

I apologize to anyone visiting my blog about my images not displaying. I am trying to figure out what the problem is so I can fix it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Symbiote B "Space Blobs Attack !!"

"Symbiote B". The first "evolution" is "Space Blobs Attack". These new images
include test renders 49, 50, 51.
                                                                                                    (test render 49)

The first shows the addition of the unique door locks that are positioned in the center of a locked door. The console, buttons and door light will also reflect a variety of different kinds of locks that will require Symbiote to use special abilities and techniques or perform tasks and open the doors allowing him access to deeper sections of the space station. When a door or barrier is successfully unlocked, the lock itself will rotate and then display green for the lock, console and buttons. Test render 49 is an example of a Red Lock.

                                                                                                    (test render 50)

As you travel through the station you will notice a huge host of alien symbols, glyph's and writings. Some of these are just for the design, but others will help Symbiote on his journey. There will be a large amount of alien text signs located all over the place, and as Symbiote acquires glyphs containing letters he will be able to 
translate the glyphs to reveal the information they hold. Test render 50 is an example of Glyphs, Alien Word Signs and our catchy logo positioned in the game itself.

                                                          (test render 51)

The space station is over-run with all sorts of alien creatures and infestations. Symbiote will be doing a lot of fighting along the way as he travels deeper inside. It is a good thing that Symbiote will be able to add new weapons to his arsenal along the way. The invading creatures can be pretty unfriendly. In Test render 51 we see two big blobs wandering around one of the storage areas.

Friday, February 3, 2012

An amazing gracious gift from DAZ 3D

I downloaded them last night.  :)

Thank you DAZ for the very kind gift  !!!!!!!!!!

Daz 3D is literally giving Hexagon 2.5, Daz Studio 4, Bryce Pro 7 for FREE . :)